Evaluating short-term vs long-term rentals returns?

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Better Than Market Returns

With our proven strategic plans developed through years of experience, your success in real estate investment is our goal! Trust in our expertise to guide you towards winning investment opportunities.


Listings in our Portfolio

Our team can help you create a great real estate investment on any size plot of land. We will partner you with one of our architects and constructions teams to make your vision a reality.

Apartment Building
Single Family Home
Indoor Living Room

We work with seasoned portfolios

Apartments, Condos, Single/Multi Family Homes, and more!

Join our family of clients to gain access to our investment opportunities or if you’re just trying to get an assessment on a property. We can provide an accurate estimate of the potential income the property can generate.

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Plan, Invest, and Win!

We embrace both seasoned investors with established portfolios and newcomers ready to embark on their investment journey.

Simplicity at its best. Let’s connect, share your plans and goals, and leave the rest to us! With AD1, growing your portfolio has never been easier.

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